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January 13,2022
In with 2022, New Painting, Group Show…

Last year was a downer in many ways, even our weather was unusually traumatic.  As you know, with all our COVID restrictions in place our social life, etc., etc. has suffered.   Didn’t think it could get worse, but then came Omicron.  However, we must think of the positives, right?  So, I’m thinking - In with 2022, as things can only get better, and let’s hope so!

In these times and regardless, I rely on and I am glad I have my art.   This year brought me inspiration to finish a work I wrote about late last year.  I have posted it in Studio 1 for your viewing.  I’ve called it “Meandering Grove” and it is 24H x 20W inches, in acrylic.  This scene is of Aspens and based from my imagination; however, prior to this I did a smaller piece in watercolor which has similarities. 

Furthermore, now until late April I have four works in an Art Focus group show at the Michael Wright Gallery, in PoCo.  At this point, this venue is only open on Saturdays from 12 to 4 p.m. with Vaccination Status required, limited attendance and COVID Protocols in place.  Come by and see some lovely artwork! 

Keep creative.  Stay safe.

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January, 2022
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